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Air & Sea Parcel Shipping to India from UK

It is very convenient to send a parcel anywhere in the world let alone a developed country these days. Whether you want to send the parcel to a remote island or an established mainland country, it is sure that your courier will reach its intended destination in due time. That is the beauty of this world where everyone, whether he lives in a small island in the middle of nowhere or in a mainland country is always connected to each other via some medium.

Trade between the UK and India has really blossomed in the recent past. The relationship between these countries has always been strong due to the UK's colonial background in the sub-continent. This is the reason why millions of Indians currently live in the UK. That gives a raise to the trade and cargo exchange between these countries. Brexit has only hiked that trade relation even further.

Secure and Fast parcel service to India

If you are looking for a great parcel amenity to carry your parcel service to India, you've come to the right place. Parcel Service to India is a wonderful facility which efficiently takes your parcel from the United Kingdom across Europe to India in a short time span.

Our amenities are extremely secure. We guarantee the safety of all your belongings while they are being transported from the source to their respective destinations. When we transport an item to India, we have a proper channel which we use to send items. Our channel is safe, secure and guarantees the security of your parcel.

Parcel Service to India is renowned for its swift cargo services. The time in which we deliver to India is fast and extremely quick, especially when you consider the hurdles and custom stops each parcel has to go through. Those things increase the delivery time but we still make sure to deliver your parcel on time.

Door to Door service from anywhere in UK to All India

The idea of door to door delivery started in the early 20th century when postal services really started gaining momentum. Newer, faster and convenient ways for customers to deliver their valuables were found to make the shipping process easier and gain an advantage over possible competitors.

What is a Door to Door service?

Providing parcels via door to door service means picking courier from the door of the customer and delivering it to the destination's address. It has become a very convenient way of delivering parcels in the world these days. Courier companies usually charge a little more for door to door amenities, though.

Advantages of Door to Door Parcel service

The biggest advantage of this service is to the end user. Suppose you want to send some stuff to India and currently reside in the UK, and the only courier service which does the delivery is located quite far away from where you live. So, in that case, you can go for a door to door amenity which means you will just package your stuff at home and get it picked without any hassle. Additional charges will be added but this facility is definitely worth paying extra if you send the item by staying at home.

Should you avail our Door to Door service?

If you want to avoid the hassle of taking the items yourself to the service point, you can use our door to door service. Parcel Service to India is the ideal door to door shipping facility for you especially if you want the delivery to India to be very quick.

We charge extremely affordable door to door shipping prices while maintaining the shipping standards very high. We have a proper channel through which we operate and do all the shipping. So, your parcel will be safe, secure and protected from all kinds of damages while it is being transported using our amenity.

Cost of shipping parcel to India

When you ship items anywhere using a dedicated parcel facility, you will be charged some amount for those services. These prices; however, will vary according to the kind of service you choose. Mainly, there are two types of cargo services we offer the prices of whom are explained below.

Sea Cargo Price

Sea cargo takes more time but is very cheap. Our charges for sea cargo are £2.5/kg excluding a custom duty of £1, which are the cheapest ocean freight rates you'll get anywhere in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Airmail Price

Parcel Service to India also ships via air. For that, we have dedicated freighters which deliver cargo in a small amount of time but it is comparatively expensive as compared to sea mail service. Our charges for this service are £5.00/kg, and we'll deliver in ten to twelve days.

Parcel Shipping through Air and Sea Cargo

Parcel Service to India ships parcels using two ways. These two ways are the ocean freight shipping or sea cargo and the other one is airmail or simply air cargo, which are explained in detail down below.

Sea Shipping

Sea cargo or ocean freight ships items via sea routes to different seaports around the world, and from there on, the items are picked up to be taken to their respective destinations in the mainland areas via road service after getting clearance from the customs.

Parcel Service to India has the best sea cargo service. It is both efficient and less expensive especially when you compare it with the prices of other cargo amenities. Normally, our service delivers via sea in three to four months. That is the standard delivery time to India via sea route.

Air Cargo

Parcel Service to India has a dedicated service which uses air freighters to shift parcels from the United Kingdom to India. Freighters run independently and only carry goods, parcels and other stuff. They don't carry passengers with them. Airmail service delivers to India in ten to twelve days with ease.

Which one is suitable for you?

If you've got plenty of time up your sleeves and can afford to wait for some time till your cargo gets docked in India, you can choose our sea cargo amenity. If you don't have much time and want to be quick in delivering your belongings to India, you can hook up with our air service, which takes items to India with ease within two weeks.

Time of delivery

The time our company takes to deliver your parcel depends on which service you choose. If you select a sea cargo service, it will take three months minimum to deliver your parcel. If you choose our airmail service, it will take only twelve days to get your items to be delivered to their respective addresses in India.

Why Use

Parcel Service to India is the pioneer company to transport your parcels to India. There are many advantages of using our services which are as follows.

Speed of Delivery

Delivery of a parcel with speed is of extreme importance. So, one must choose a company which not only delivers with ease but also delivers in the shortest possible time. Parcel Service to India is the perfect company for you in the case if you want a quick and smooth delivery of your courier.

Easy to Use

It is very easy to use a courier service. Most information is readily available to customers online in their accounts, for which they don't have to contact the customer support. You just take the courier to the office or choose a door to door service, pack the stuff in small packaging boxes and send them over to India to their desired destination. It doesn't get much easier and simpler than that does it?


Gone are the days when quick couriers were very expensive and available only to the rich portion of the society. These days, parcel shipping has become so cheap and affordable that it is available to be used by anyone in the society. This convenience has further boosted the popularity of using a courier service over government-run services like the Royal Mail.


Our courier service is extremely reliable. It means that we will treat your parcel as if it is our own. We ensure the protection of the parcel so that nothing gets damaged or broken during its journey. We also offer order tracking to make sure that the client always stays updated about the location of his package.

Friendly Customer Service
Parcel Service to India has a wonderful client service, which is the main reason why our company has been so impressive over a period of time. We have an experienced well-trained staff which is available 24/7 for our customers, and they make sure to satisfy our clients.

Courier Tracking Facility
Parcel Service to India provides an order tracking facility to its customers, which means they can track the exact location of their deliverable at a specific time. This means they don't have to call the customer support for updates regarding their parcel. They can just log in and check the details of the parcel themselves.

Online Price Quotes
If you don't know exactly what will be the charges for your shipment, you can visit our website and get a free quote for your custom details. When you enter the details, you will get a sample price for your manual entries. You can then call us to confirm the price. We'll be more than happy to make things convenient for you.

What can you send?
You can send all kinds of household stuff including clothes, TVs, laptops, refrigerators, kitchen utensils and so many other household products. You can send these utensils using Parcel Service to India. All these items must be packaged in boxes of acceptable size before sending them over to India.

What items are prohibited?
All kinds of liquids, medicines, drugs, perfumes, batteries, oils and other items containing alcohol are banned from being sent to India. Food is also not allowed to be sent. Only items like dry fruits and chocolates are allowed, and these are the only products which can be sent.

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